Our Team
Capital saving & credit co-operative ltd. was established under the co-operative act 2048 B.S. in Nepal. It is registered in Division Sahakari Karyalaya, Kathmandu in 02/04/2065 B.S. and its registration no. is 1741/065/066. Very reputed and well experienced people are the operators of this company. This institution was established with the motto of "Today's investment, tomorrow's return". Capital is one of the fastest growing saving & credit co-operative in Nepal. Headquartered in Kathmandu, the company has been in operation for almost 8 years now, and has been able to provide great service to its customers along with keeping their investments safe.
Capital is a memberof:
a) Nepal Federation of Saving & Credit Co-operative Unions Ltd. (NEFSCUN).
b) National Co-operative Bank Ltd.
c) District Co-operative Union, Kathmandu.
> Authorized Capital 2,70,00,000/–
> Paid Up Capital 2,50,00,000/–
> 1-day Loan Guarantee
> High interest in Fixed Deposits and savings
> Great customer service
> "3 I's of Capital = Innovate, Initiate, Inspire."

Board & Management

The Co-operative is governed by the Board of Directors comprising prominent personalities such as former bankers, high level officials, contractors, professionals and pioneer entrepreneurs of the country as illustrated below:

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On the backdrop of huge amount of professional experience of its management, along with its proven track record in the field of finance and investments, the company aims to consistently provide superior